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Nintex Workflow Cloud® is a state-of-the-art cloud workflow capability that lets you easily extend and connect your forms, applications, content, and systems of record, with the people who make the decisions your business relies upon to succeed.

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Workflow design has never been easier

Nintex Workflow Cloud takes you from concept to automation in days, not years. You can hit the ground running because it’s cloud-based, removing upfront setup and costs. Then log in and start using its intuitive drag-and-drop design canvas to build forms and workflows spanning multiple systems of record – in a few clicks, not code.

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Digitally transform your business

Digitally transform your business processes

Nintex Workflow Cloud is an opportunity for you to reinvent how your people work. It unlocks the transformational benefits of workflow automation to connect the right content, at the right time, to the right people – regardless of where that content is captured, processed, or stored.

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Automate powerful workflow solutions

Nintex Workflow Cloud works with what you already have, from structured to unstructured content, to legacy systems and modern SaaS applications. Whether it’s an anonymous web form as a start event, a highly collaborative routing and approval processes, or a next-generation IoT solution, Nintex Workflow Cloud empowers people closest to your lines of business to automate the processes that are your business.

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Nintex Workflow Cloud
Document Generation for Nintex Workflow Cloud

Automatically generate documents with any data

With Nintex Document Generation for Nintex Workflow Cloud, your users can easily create any document like sales quotes, order forms, contracts, and more, from any data source and any document template.

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Workflow built in the cloud, for the cloud

Nintex Workflow Cloud gives you the visibility and process intelligence to take control of your workflow challenges—no matter how sophisticated. It provides the visibility and intelligence to create actionable insight to tackle business challenges today and in the future.

Nintex Workflow Cloud

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