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Workflow and content automation can have a significant impact across business functions, cutting down on clutter, increasing productivity and leading to a sizable increase in efficiencies. Check out a few of the examples where workflow automation improves operational effectiveness.


Effectively selling your services and products is the foundation of business success. Automating and streamlining the most common sales processes frees up your team so they can spend more time building meaningful relationships with customers and prospects.

Workflows Improve Sales
Human resources workflows

Human Resources

Most HR departments and organizations have automated their data processes, but not their management of content and unstructured information, meaning they are still mired in paper-based processes. Digital workflow automation helps HR teams increase efficiency and remove risks in their recruiting and selection, employee onboarding, file management, performance review management, and employee separation processes.

Make HR Processes Easy
Finance and Administration workflows

Finance and Administration

Business-critical processes like contract management, vendor and contract approvals, invoice processing, expense and travel approvals, expense management, budgeting, and mergers and acquisitions, all demand timely attention because they drive core functions in your organization. digital workflow automation streamlines these processes, and helps ensure fiscal responsibility and consistent ROI across the enterprise.

Finance and Administration Workflows
information technology workflows

Information Technology

The hub for all-things technology related, your IT department provides technical support to both internal and external customers, and processes many different requests and tasks in any given day. An IT team’s success is largely measured by the speed and quality of their service request management. After all, nothing impacts productivity more than when an employee’s computer doesn’t work, or they can’t access the network. Digital Workflow Automation will help your IT team more quickly and effectively manage help desk requests and provide better service and increased productivity all the way around.

IT Digital Workflow Automation
legal workflows


Legal organizations process staggering amounts of information every year, much of which is paper-based. That can translate into hundreds of hours being spent manually generating, reviewing, and managing documents. These inefficient manual processes can impact your business with costly delays, inaccuracies, along with unnecessary security and compliance risks. Digital Workflow Automation will help reduce costs, ensure security and compliance, increase efficiency and productivity, and allow your team to work on higher value tasks and provide more responsive and reliable delivery of services.

KupiVip Case Study
operations & procurement workflows

Operations and Procurement

Visibility into day-to-day business operations is what allows organizations to stay competitive. That means having the ability to quickly know where a purchase order is in the approval process, or when the materials needed for manufacturing are going to arrive, and other mission critical data at your fingertips at any given moment. This kind of workflow automation gives you clear insight into your business processes with real-time reports, digital trails for document routing, automated approval processes to track each change and next step, and the ability to reduce errors and time-to-market.

Operations Workflow Scenarios

Digital workflow automation will transform your business and your team, providing new capabilities and improving existing ones. It is essential to the process of Digital Transformation.

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