Human Resources workflow solutions

Why improve HR processes?

The HR department has one of the broadest reaches in any organization, boasting a high volume of processes and company-wide policies that touch everyone in the business. Nintex can help your team better manage those processes and cut down on the time-consuming paperwork.

Nintex Reduce Cost
Reduce administrative costs
Nintex Productivity
Reduce paperwork and improve productivity
Nintex Compliance
Ensure compliance and mitigate risk
Nintex Employee Satisfaction
Boost employee satisfaction
finance benefit compliance
Improve data accuracy and visibility
Nintex Save Time
Save time
Nintex Improve

Improve employee onboarding and off boarding

Onboarding new employees is often a time-consuming process involving multiple steps, including approving salaries, signing contracts, provisioning IT systems and training new hires.

Use the Nintex Workflow Platform to:

  • Unify management of mailboxes, active directories, user-groups and external systems
  • Assign software licenses to employees, significantly reducing IT support tickets
  • Schedule reminders for IT/ HR to set up work stations and schedule orientation sessions
  • Generate and manage electronic documents and integrate them with e-signatures
  • Access/publish documents to or from HR, payroll and accounting systems
Nintex Manage Performance

Manage annual performance reviews

Lengthy performance reviews can be streamlined through Nintex Workflow to reduce completion time, improve visibility of the review process and ensure HR policy compliance.

 Use the Nintex Workflow Platform to:

  • Integrate e-signatures with standardized Nintex forms to automate sign-off and document employee feedback
  • Maintain all reviews and track full audit trail, including document versions and approval history
  • Automatically schedule workflows to set reminders to expedite reviews
  • Integrate with HRIS and payroll systems to automate wage computation and bonus distribution

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Nintex Streamline Requests

Streamline leave requests

Paper-based, manual leave requests increase administrative overhead and may result in regulatory noncompliance and lost productivity because of unscheduled absences.

Use the Nintex Workflow Platform to:

  • Schedule alerts and use the Lazy Approval feature to expedite approvals
  • Create and maintain a centralized calendar of all leave approvals and schedules
  • Integrate with HRIS and payroll systems to automate time-off adjustments

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Nintex Expedite Recruiting

Expedite recruiting

Streamline the employee recruiting process by automatically posting job descriptions to multiple job boards, manage resumes and cover letters in a central repository and schedule interview loops.

Use the Nintex Workflow Platform to:
  • Automatically schedule interviews in Outlook and set notifications to expedite the hiring process
  • Integrate with websites, social media and job boards to automate publishing and management of job postings
  •  Improve data capture on standardized forms for the interviewing team
  • Ensure HR compliance by only allowing employees to access information that is relevant to them 

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