Lippuner goes digital with Nintex to make the most of its investment

Updating an outdated and time-consuming process using Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms

Switzerland-based energy company Lippuner used outdated processes for ordering supplies, such as new smartphones and marketing materials, that didn’t comply with the company’s high standards of efficiency. They looked to streamline these processes in order to increase productivity and reduce the strain on employees’ time.

“Keeping our employees productive is a top priority and sometimes the most basic functions, like ordering office supplies including mobile devices, can be the most time-consuming,” says ICT system administrator, Lars Eigeldinger.

Lippuner has nearly 350 employees across four cities and they order new phones every two years. Their paper-based forms caused slowdowns and added time to the process. To solve this problem, the company needed a frugal solution that made the most of its investment in SharePoint 2013. Lippuner turned to IOZ, a Swiss firm that specializes in information systems. Nintex Partner IOZ proposed a solution built on SharePoint using Nintex.

Lippuner Case Study
Updating an outdated and time-consuming process using Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms at Lippuner
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Products used by Lippuner
The Swiss energy firm, which recently celebrated its 75 anniversary, makes and services energy products specializing in alternative solutions.

Business Situation

Lippuner sought to update its slow, paper-based internal processes that were a drag on company productivity. The system for ordering supplies wasted employees’ time and cost the company money.


Lippuner turned to Nintex for workflow automation, which transformed the manual process into a completely digital one. With the added ease of implementation, Nintex was quickly adopted in-house, resulting in greater than expected savings due to an increase in company-wide efficiencies.

Digital workflow automation for a faster phone order system

The new phone ordering system reduced order fulfillment time 67 percent. In addition, employees now receive their new phones twice as fast as they did before.

On the marketing side, efficiency improvements are even more significant. With an average of over 450 orders per year across 41 different marketing material items, Lippuner has had huge time savings of more than 50 percent per order when employee work time is factored.


 Total savings to date of over $205,000
 50% time savings for marketing orders
 67% employee time savings in processing orders

We sought to automate Lippuner’s supply ordering process – taking a paper-based manual process and going completely digital with Nintex workflows and forms."

Lars Eigeldinger, Lippuner,ICT system administrator